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July 19, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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How are we getting sick?

Sometimes we have heard from our mothers that they would say, "In the house, the pots in the pots are beautiful words, beautiful flowers, better sprinkles, they will grow." The animals look directly at the eyes of the people they meet and immediately understand that they are not loved or loved. They become moody if they are welcomed. The world becomes beautiful on nature, happiness, goodness, every environment becomes alive. The healthy lives of the people are based on love. The basis of being healthy is happiness. In the opposite circumstances, sadness, tension, troubles, problems grow, diseases arise. When you are a living person, love, happiness is more important. First of all, if our brain is moving in the direction of goodness, beauty, happiness, then our body is peaceful, pleasant, problem-free, healthy, if it is the opposite, then our health is broken first and then the other evils are coming back.

The Japanese professor Masuri Emoto has studied it and in the book he wrote (Source: Sudoku Miracle, Masaru Emoto, Aritoran Publishing House, 2008), he made good or bad words to water crystals in a beautiful or ugly way . In these photographs, it is very clear that the words that are beautifully colored on the water crystals make the water crystals beautiful, and that the bad words are how the water crystals have destroyed and ugly. About 70% of our body is made up of water. The beautiful or bad words that we say to ourselves, which we have spoken to ourselves in our own words, can change, If our organs distorted the water crystals, it could be our zone or our organ or zoneless wound, and it could get sick.

Here are a few photographs of how we made ourselves sick;
(Source: Sudaki Mucize, Masaru Emoto, Arıtan Publishing House, 2008)

"I can do it"------------------------- "I can not do that"

"You did a good job"
-------------------------"This has not been good"


Brain recovery...


Zi's foundation; "Effective communication"

Our knowledge and experience that constitute the substructure of ZI in about 30 years as we have described in many places of our book "ZI" means that 85% of illnesses in the human body are caused by negative thoughts (deep sadness, agony, stress, It is understood that only about 15% of the diseases caused by external factors such as microbes from the environment, accidents, iris diseases, meals we ate etc. We know that we are making ourselves ill. In other words, our brains are in the process of ... We start our stomachs or headaches with deep sadness and stress, our blood pressure is rising, our sugar level is rising, we are starting to get insomnia, weight is being given or given, diseases are usually formed in this way. keeping ourselves in control consciously, preventing many more ills. And let's not forget; our brain has the power to heal us as well as to be patient. This is done by our body in the management of our brain. In order for this power to be put into action, Zi (Mental Healing)

Effective communication
Universal Life Energies
---- REIKI
---- With bioenergy
Yoga and
Transcendental meditation

techniques may be beneficial in improving the severity of symptoms when used individually or in combination, in support of medical treatments in the improvement of the problem.

Zi's ??basic enduring point is interpersonal "Effective Communication". The weight of the subjects that fall within the scope of ZI focuses on communication. If you are a Danish person, if you are practicing yourself, you will be in contact with yourself (your brain). Without good, effective communication ZI will not give any advice. For this reason ZI sessions start with Communication. Just as a friend of ours has a problem, we talk to him, giving advice and suggestions, finding advice, pointing, etc. trying to make it better ... Zİ'dede weight "Effective Communication" is called. Without communication ZI will not happen. The first steps of this and the ZI sessions are only mutual (first consultant D'sile) with calibration, understanding, agreement. It has sometimes been seen that many discomforts and problems can be resolved without resorting to any of the issues covered by the ZI. For this reason ZI starts with "Effective Communication" sessions and if necessary, other techniques are applied step by step.

The "Effective Communication" process works like this;

1- Communication;

In order to get a good result from ZI, the consultant should be in a communication process that is positive, moderate, harmonious and very effective communication with him / herself as a teacher, boxer, artistic ice skating, etc.

The counselor must share the problematic thoughts, the anxiety, the happiness, the happiness, the good or the bad, the real way. The consultant should quantify, record, report and share with the client all developments from the beginning.

2- Interaction;

Before and during the ZI sessions, the consultant of the counselor and the advisor of the counselor will have a good match with the way and the strategy, feelings and thoughts. For this reason the consultant will have a deep knowledge and experience in the topics covered above. , the culture must be reliable, respected, educated in communication, and this is a must. This infrastructure is very good, the consultant fulfills the guiding duty fully, the client follows him, healing reaches its goal. It must be well known that a special talent is a must for ZI as it is in many subjects. So, just like the difference between playing an instrument or playing a lot, it does not do it well, it does it very well. For good results, people need to be able to communicate well, be able to deepen their conversation, have a good life experience and accumulate, which is possible over at least 40 years of age. Just as it is in the arts, it is not just learning, it is a special ability and aptitude for this work.

3- Change;

The change of ideas, ideas and habits desired in the counseling is the client's attainment of good mental health. This is only a result of good communication + interaction.

"With ZI, unwanted, uncomfortable topics can be changed, new habits can be acquired, the mind can be changed as desired, and the brain can be reprogrammed in the positive direction.

"There is no side effect or negative effect of ZI because there is not any medicine given to the body during ZI sessions.

"The topics covered by ZI are never preceded or exceeded by ScientificTip.The ZI issues are very good methods to support medical treatments and known for many years.There are no damages and benefits.

"ZI can solve many problems connected to our system of thought that can not be treated with medication.

"Consciousness is the consciousness and unconsciousness of the knowledge that our mind receives, consciousness is the logic of the mind, comprehending, criticizing, judging and unconsciousness is the side of which we are not aware of our brain.We talk with us through our subconscious minds.If we want guidance or help, we have a feeling of inspiration or intuition. It is possible to get rid of many negativities, to clean up with wrong feelings and thoughts, to make them more positive.

"Anyone who is 13 to 14 years old, who is not very young, who is not very concentrated, can benefit from ZI, and the information, education, personality, age and concentration power of the client is very important. They guide and guide only the way and the way to the counselor.The counselor's influence on the counselor increases as the education, knowledge and human quality increase.

"Supportive healing with ZI is on average between 1 and 4 sessions, each session lasts an average of 1.5 to 2 hours, and the first session and consultant recognition is extremely important in terms of warming up and compliance, usually with immediate improvement in the first 1-2 seanst. the type of problem may show the duration of the session, the process, and the shape of each client for each client, because the personality structure of each person is different.

"The interval between the sessions of ZI can be a problem, every 2 to 3 days or once a week.

"Even though it varies from person to person, in general, the proposals can be solved between an average of 1 to 4 sessions, and the counselor and counselor finish the sessions, where they feel that they have recovered from the middle of the process. it depends on the fulfillment of the missions assigned to him.

"During the sessions, it is okay to have as close as possible to the client who will not be bothered by the client, especially if the client and the child are consultants.

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